Smart Recycling & Rewarding corner in the Municipality of Pallini

EPTA has developed the first “smart” Recycling Corner in Greece, with an integrated six-waste stream system and digital scanner, which “scans” the recyclable materials and rewards users with discounts from local stores in the Municipality of Pallini.

The materials that can be separately collected are the following:

  1. Paper
  2. Glass
  3. Plastic
  4. Metal
  5. Cooking oil and,
  6. Electrical – electronic devices

The Smart recycling & rewarding corner of the Municipality of Pallini is an innovative system for separate collection and recycling of materials with automatic recording of quantities and rewarding points, using special QR Codes.

More specifically, the corner includes IoT systems in order to identify users, count recyclables, convert recycling into followgreen points, and monitor the capacity of the bins for the optimal management of the corner by the Municipality.

To reward citizens in the “Smart Corner”, users should have an account on the digital platform Followgreen. developed by the company.

Watch a short video with instructions for using the “Smart Corner”:

See the press release of the Municipality of Pallini: