Solid waste treatment plant and landfill expansion of the Larissa region

EPTA Environmental Consultants Engineers completed the required studies and tender documents for the construction of the project “SOLID WASTE TREATMENT PLANT AND LANDFILL EXPANSION OF THE LARISSA REGION”.

The project is now mature to be proposed for evaluation in the financial program of the NSRF 2014-2020 and the goal is to be auctioned by the end of the year.

The project concerns:

  • the construction of a Solid Waste Treatment Plant with Reception, Mechanical Sorting and Biological Treatment Facilities.
    • 61,479 tn/year incoming mixed municipal solid waste from all the Municipalities of the Larissa Region
    • 12,600 tn/year incoming source separated municipal biowaste via selection at source from the Municipalities of Larissa, Agia, Tempi and Tyrnavos.
  • the construction of the expansion of the existing Landfill with a capacity of 526,298 m3.

The Solid Waste Treatment Plant will process the mixed waste and recover recyclable materials via mechanical sorting while the biodegradable organic waste fraction of the mixed waste will receive biological treatment to produce biogas (via anaerobic digestion) and type A compost (via aerobic processing).

In addition, the Waste Treatment Plant will process the source separated organic waste through anaerobic digestion and composting of the digest to produce high quality compost.

The residual material of the Waste Treatment Plant will be buried in the landfill. The construction of the Landfill expansion will increase the life of the existing landfill by approximately 17 years.

The project will be implemented within the site of the existing landfill, which is located within the Municipal Unit of Makrychori, of the Municipality of Tempi of the Regional Unit of Larissa.