Solid Waste Treatment Plant in East Sector of Central Macedonia Region

The project involved the design of the Waste Treatment Facility in the East Sector of Central Macedonia Region. The facility has been foreseen to treat 182,000 t/a of MSW, namely:

a) 160,000 t/a mixed MSW and

b) 22,000t/a source separated biowaste.

The main target of the facility’s operation is to maximize materials’ recovery and to reduce residual waste, thus mitigating the environmental impact of landfilling.

The facility has been designed to provide flexibility in the treatment process and the process output, depending on the final products’ demand.

The mixed MSW treatment line includes pre-treatment, mechanical separation and sorting of the waste to recover waste-derived fuel (SRF/RDF) and recyclables. Alternatively, the treatment process may be adjusted to recover recyclables and CLO, by adjusting the mode of operation of the organic fraction treatment process.

Similarly, the biowaste treatment line may operate in two modes, to produce:

  • compost, or
  • biogas and compost

Depending on the desired mode of operation, biowaste undergoes either composting or anaerobic treatment and composting.

The aim of the process is to produce high quality compost intended for agricultural use, and to recover biogas intended for onsite utilization as an energy source.

The services provided by EPTA included:

  • EIA study
  • Assistance in the EIA approval process
  • Preliminary design