Rewarding Recycling Platform –

EPTA SA has developed an innovative loyalty programme for rewarding recycling. The platform is a digital application that rewards citizens who reuse or recycle at source at municipal level.

The main functions of the platform include:

  • The citizens register as household users and earn reward points by being educated on environmental issues (reading articles, solving quiz and watching videos) and by certifying and registering their day-to-day recycling activities either through a recycling coupon (e.g. when you deliver an item to the recycling points) either through a recycling reminder form.
  • The citizens can then redeem their reward points for special discounts in local shops and municipality services (i.e. municipal transportation ticket, municipal athletic, music, kids camps discounts etc.), or donate points as support to local schools in the framework of recycling school contests. Usually these activities concern competitions for recycling (paper, metals, plastic, WEEE, batteries, etc.) taken place for all schools in the Municipality.


FOLLOWGREENTM is thus a rewarding scheme for green citizens who reuse and recycle!