Regional Solid Waste Management Plan in Attika Region

EPTA S.A., as a member of a consortium, conducted the study for the new Regional Solid Waste Management Plan in Attika Region.  The Plan will establish of the basis for future investments, objectives, activities and performance targets for SWM service delivery.

The Plan included collection, recovery and disposal processes for the various solid waste streams generated throughout the region and primarily focused on the management and recycling of general domestic solid waste including mixed municipal waste from households, commercial and industrial waste, garden and park waste, construction & demolition (C&D) waste and other streams of wastes.

The regional master plan will act as a short and long-term action plan and program to meet the objectives and performance targets of the New National Plan on Waste Management and governing laws and regulations.

The plan is oriented to the following targets:

– The implementation of the separate collection for waste and bio-waste materials.

– The reduction of the amount of waste being buried in landfills to below 10% by 2030.

– The development of a network for the collection of organic waste (coffee bin) by the end of 2022.

– The recovery of energy from the treatment of organic waste (biomass) and also the production of secondary materials (compost).

– The construction and operation of Recycling & Recovery Facilities and Bio-Waste Treatment Plants.

The services provided by EPTA included:

  • Record of the amounts of the waste production in the region, including categorisation according to type and the origin.
  • Assessment of the current situation.
  • Assessment of the methods for the management of solid waste, including collection, transportation, storage, recovery and disposal of waste.
  • Proposal for areas that the main potential solid waste management infrastructures should be situated.
  • Proposal for identification of potential waste management facilities, including sorting plants, composting plants, transfer stations, landfills etc
  • Estimation of costs for solid waste management infrastructure construction.
  • Draft of the Regional Master Plan
  • Implementation of Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the Regional Plan for the management of solid waste management.