Local Waste Management Plan of Skiathos

EPTA undertook the drafting of the Local Waste Management Plan of Skiathos, to address the strategic development of the waste management sector at municipal level.

The LWMP of Skiathos includes a tailor – made set of proposed activities, measures, and investments to enhance waste management at local level – from waste prevention to recycling, and to address the applicable legislative requirements.

To develop the LWMP, EPTA conducted the following tasks:

  • a baseline assessment study, scrutinizing current MSW generation and management practices at local level.
  • Analysis of the applicable legislative framework
  • Setting qualitative and quantitative targets and guidelines in terms of awareness, waste prevention, separate collection and recycling,
  • Elaborating a custom – made roadmap with proposed measures and activities to meet the above targets.
  • Cost – benefit analysis of the proposed action plan