Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Sources Design – Circular Economy Park of Crete

EPTA undertook the Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Sources Design of the Circular Economy Park of the Association of Solid Waste Management of Crete (ESDAK).

The Energy Efficiency Design for the Park included:

  • Energy efficiency interventions (thermal insulation, windows) for the park buildings
  • High efficiency energy interventions for the electrical and mechanical systems (heating, cooling, hot water) by use of biomass and solar energy, heat pumps of latest technology, air quality control and automation systems
  • Road and interior lighting retrofitting by use of high efficiency LED technology luminaires.
  • Renewable Energy Production from gasification of Biomass will be sent to the Park grid (electrical energy) and the energy-intensive facilities (thermal energy). Remaining thermal energy can be sent to the grid of the Industrial Area located nearby.
  • Design of Photovoltaic Park of electrical energy production.
  • Cost – Benefit analysis & Financial planning for the interventions

A major design objective is the accomplishment of the Park’s Energy Sufficiency by 2025, while the facilities will be in full operation.