Design of an integrated waste management system in Aspropyrgos Industrial Complex

The project concerned the design and the implementation of an integrated waste management system at the Aspropyrgos Industrial Complex.

The Aspropyrgos Industrial Complex comprises a 148,000 bbl/d Refinery that occupies approximately 2.000 employees.

The objective of this project was to establish a tailor – made waste management scheme to boost on site prevention, re-use and recycling, with the goal to reduce by 70% the quantity of produced waste ending up landfilled.

During design and implementation, focus was given to establishing a tailor – made separate collection scheme, targeted to 10 distinct waste streams (paper, plastic, metals, glass, food waste, tetrapack, plastic lids, batteries, small appliances, lamps).

A total of 250 adequately labelled bins were placed at the various buildings of the complex to support on -site separate collection activities. Special emphasis was placed in biowaste collection from restaurants and other catering facilities.