Street Lighting Design for Nea Smyrni Municipality

EPTA S.A. has technically supported the Municipality of Nea Smyrni throughout all phases of the techno-economic design and development of an extensive municipal street lighting upgrade.

The project was financed by the Greek Loan & Mortgage Bank in collaboration with the European Investment Bank.

The project included the refurbishment of the entire street lighting system by replacing more than 3.600 luminaires and lamps according to EN13201 standard, with new technology LEDs. In this way, an upgrade to the quality and safety of street lighting in the Municipality region was achieved.

Annual savings, due to reduced electric consumption, are expected to surpass 50%. An extra 10% can be considered by the implementation of control, monitoring and adaptive lighting systems by dimming the luminaires during specific time intervals.

It is highlighted that based on the feasibility study findings, annual savings not only are sufficient for loan payments but also produce municipal revenues.