Financing approval for the sanitary landfill and compost unit of Tinos island

The Sanitary Landfill and Compost Unit of the Municipality of Tinos was approved as eligible project for funding in the Operational Program “Infrastructure, Transport, Environment & Sustainable Development 2014-2020″ (NSRF) with a total budget of 7.301.192,02€.


The project includes the following:

– construction of a Sanitary Landfill with a capacity of approximately 84,000 m3 with a lifespan of 25 years,

– construction of a Composting Unit with a capacity of 300tn/year for the separately collected organic and green waste,

– improvement of part of the existing access road with a total length of 2.790m,

– procurement of appropriate equipment for the organization of a network for organic waste separate collection and the promotion of composting at the household,

– acquisition of the required land,

– connection of the facilities with networks,

– required archaeological work,

– recruitment of a Technical Advisor.


Expected benefits from the implementation of the project:

– environmentally sound management of municipal solid waste,

– protection of public health and natural resources,

– possibility of utilizing the produced compost.


EPTA SA participated as a leading partner of a Joint Venture for the technical design studies and provided the support in technical issues for the project funding  in the framework of NSRF 2014 – 2020.